“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!” 2 Corinthians 5:17

This house, built in 1910, and renovated in 1987, is our new home. The house sits on one acre, nestled in green and budding orchards of cherry, pear, apple and chestnut. This is our new life.

It is May 1, 2016. We, Eugene Merrill Holmes and Christine Dale Henderson Walter Holmes, have come to claim our promise of forgiveness and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

The U-Haul brings our past accumulations up the narrow crabapple-and- overgrown-privet-hedge-lined driveway. The ancient Black Walnut and Butternut trees need water and a trim. The gnarled linden tree is hiding a mass of tangled, ingrown branches. Lynden shoots are everywhere! Ruby and Xuin pant and wag their tails. They look at all the possibilities. A squirrel runs across the driveway. Quail flush from the hedge.

We, along with Joel, Ben, and Raja, unload box after box of things we have collected. The beds, the chairs, the dining room table, the bookcases all come in. Inside, it smells a little like mice and old wood, and the dogwood is in full bloom out the dining room window. There are windows everywhere in this house. They let in the light from all angles.

Hope is running high! Gratefulness overflows from our hearts. This is the perfect acre, and the perfect 1,400 square feet of home.

Once we get the basics in place, we will explore how we can accomplish the dreams for both inside and out. For now, we rest. We are here!